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About Logo of Lord Krishna and reference to Samaveda

In the tenth chapter of Srimadbhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna is telling to Arjuna that he is omnipresent. He is telling his vibhooti i.e. essence or the best in everything. He says, "I am the Samaveda of the Vedas, Lord Indra of all the gods, mind among the organs as well as consciousness of the beings. I am the controller of all"

Music pacifies mind, it gives highest joy and takes us to the liberation or emancipation which is the highest bliss. Amongst all Knowledge (Vedas) , Knowledge of music (Samaveda) is the best of all. Therefore Lord Krishna says that I am the Knowledge (Veda) of music

Lord Krishna and music

Since childhood Lord Krishna is said to have been playing the flute or Venu. Venu is the first known Indian instrument. Lord Krishna, through the media of this instrument, made all beings on earth, sing and dance with him. He pacified their mind and gave happiness to all. He made numerous compositions. He is known as the first musician (Aadi Sangeetkar) who gave the highest joy on the earth.

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Through the medium of this web-site, bowing with all my heart and soul to the great musician Lord Krishna, I desire to explore into the unknown or unexplained history and culture of ancient India and bring to light that knowledge which is in Sanskrit and not explained fully. This musical journey begins with Samavedas and leads up to the music of our times. I embarked on this enthralling journey in my early childhood and look forward to sharing this divine lore with you.

Chandrakant Sardeshmukh