This site is dedicated to my father Shri Sardeshmukh Maharaj.

Only you deserve this credit……..

My father was a great visionary and a saint, as well as a Sanskrit scholar. He was a traditional Ayurvedic expert representing 9 th generation. He was founder and chairman of Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust. He also emphasized that an education in Sanskrit would enable me to specialize in music compositions of Sanskrit prayers, chants and hymns. He insisted that I should gain a PhD in Sanskrit to understand the long heritage of the Vedas and to demonstrate the Samavedic tradition of Indian music and the Vedic tradition inherited in our Sardeshmukh family.

It was his dream to link the glorious past of the Indian heritage to the future generation with the help of advanced technology. Using the web for this purpose is a small attempt to give practical form to his dream.

Now in 2005 father, the Japan Brain Institute and Schichida Child Academy are doing experimentation for brain development. Their tests proved that alpha brain waves increased with sitar music – there was synchronization of alpha brain waves with the other person, creating deep relaxation and research is continuing.

The fantastic responses with deaf, blind and disabled children. St. Patrick's School for children with multiple disabilities, Mercedes College for primary and secondary school students and other institutions have given very positive reports on the effects of music on their students.

Other people with shocks and traumas have benefited and all this credit goes to you, father, as you are the only one who could connect that ancient touch, along with my thesis on Samaveda music. Now the thesis is proving it all – not Ravi Shankar or Annapurnadevi, or any of my teachers could do this, they just taught me music – all Vedic knowledge you have given me.

Concerts and entertainment are there, but in the last five years your dream, step by step is blossoming and connecting to the new generation. It has been proven in Australia and Japan that music is not just entertainment, but is a science, a kind of therapy and in the interest of the people of the nation. For this purpose, all visas in countries around the world opened their doors to me so this work could be continued in their country.

Now, with natural disasters taking place, if I can help the people through this with the great blessings from you father, then I will relieve their traumas and shocks with music.

I am waiting for that opportunity.