Profile as a ' Musician'


Dr. Chandrakant has today established his reputation in the world of music as a versatile and innovative Indian musician.

Dr. Sardeshmukh has released many audio cassettes and compact discs (audio and mp3 format) of traditional Indian sitar music, Vedic chanting and other compositions. They include Inspiration , Devotion , Pure Joy , Celebration , Koyo , Healing Chants , Divine Touch and Melodies from Within .

He was also music director for the compact discs Temple Trees and East Light, produced in collaboration with Australian lyricist and composer Kelvin Brown, 1998-2000.

  • He composed and directed a cultural program of light classical vocal music in 1998 for guests of the Indian Embassy, Tokyo, created from his own compositions based on the poems of Indian diplomat, Mr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay.
  • He composed music for a feature film directed by Mr. Anand Madgulkar in 1997.
  • He composed the background music for the drama serial Vedkalin Striya based on Vedic literature, which was televised on the national TV network of India (DDI) in 1994.
  • In 1991, the film Aamukh produced by Film and Television Institute of India student Mr. Rajkumar with soundtrack music by Dr. Sardeshmukh won the President of India Award at the New Delhi Film Festival.
  • He was an organizer and the music director of Vishwa Shanti a play enacted at the Russian Festival in 1988 and the 75th Indian Science Congress in 1989. The theme was based on the evolution of the science of music from the primordial chaos at the beginning of time.
  • His innovative ideas in music direction have been presented nationally by the University Grant Commission sponsored program Country Wide Classroom in 150 films made by the Educational Media Research Centre, Pune during 1984-1988.

To his credit are several musical compositions including his own versions of "Vande Mataram" (the national anthem) and "Pune Vidyapeeth Geet" (the song of Poona University). As a Samavedic musician, he has also specialized in composing Sanskrit verses.

He has also directed and music-directed a number of dramas in Marathi, Sanskrit, Hindi and English.