Profile as a ' Researcher'


Dr. Chandrakant rapidly emerged as a promising young artist performing live Sitar concerts in India and abroad. But he gave up the fame and glamour of the concert circuit and returned to Pune in order to pursue research in the Vedic tradition of Indian music on his father 's bidding, whom he considers his philosopher and guide. He then went on to write a thesis on 'Samavedic basis of Indian Music' and achieved a doctorate in Sanskrit.

But perhaps the most important aspect of Dr. Chandrakant's multi-faceted personality is his inquisitive mind that urges him on to experiment with innovative new directions. His instinctive understanding of Ayurveda, which is a part of his family tradition, has lead to successful forays in musical healing His spirit remains deeply rooted in Indian philosophy and religion.

Music can be a source of entertainment but for sitar maestro Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh, it can also be applied therapeutically and has been known to cure imbalances in the mind and body. He says that most ailments are mainly caused by stress and strain. These conditions can be effectively balanced and healed through music therapy



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