Dedication: Pt. Ravi Shankar

To my Guru Pt. Ravi Shankar on his 80th Birthday.

  Dear Guruji,
I remember… when you were fifty, I was still your 'school kid' in Bombay, listening to you and learning from you every moment.
You completed sixty, and we, all you disciples, made the Ganges sing your tunes in Banares.
On your 70th birthday, Shehanai King, Ustad Bismillah khan performed for you in spite of his Holy Roza (fasting) in Ceeri Fort, Delhi. I was deeply touched by the enternal love and affection between you and him as it was expressed through his performance.
With all those wonderful melodies still ringing in my ears, here is my humble present to you, Guruji, on you 80th birthday celebration wherever you are in the world.
With love.
Truly yours, Chandu
7 April 2000