Healing Music - Testimonial

Restaurant owner - Age 56 (Adelaide - South Australia) - July 2003
My joy blossomed again...

Banker - Age 38 (Adelaide - South Australia) - July 2003
"Music therapy has been a life changing and priceless gift

Reports from two people from individual music session 2002
Name : SS
Name : UR

Stress removal
Music Therapy: Healing experience of a Japanese person..27years old, pharmacist

Relief from Trauma
(An experience of Music therapy with Dr. Chandrakant)-Accountant Japanese lady, Tokyo, (40ish)

Bright future viewed
(An Experience of Music Therapy with Dr. Chandrakant)An Indian student / artist, Japan (18)

Music therapy testimonial

Pumpkin got tired.
Music Therapy Experience in Japan by by Taeko Nakamura April, 2002