Healing Music


Brain waves = Any of the fluctuations of electrical potential in the brain. Detectable with an electroencephalograph. They vary from 1-40 hertz.

Hertz = The frequency of a periodic phenomenon that has a periodic time of 1 second; 1 cycle per second.

BETA waves range between 13.40 HZ.

  • You are wide awake with peak concentration
  • There is alertness and cognition
  • Mind is sharp and focused.
  • Neurons fire abundantly in rapid succession to achieve peak performance
  • There is hand eye coordination and visual insight

ALPHA waves range between 7-12 HZ

  • A state of deep relaxation, but not quite meditation
  • It is the resonant frequency of the earth's electromagnetic field
  • Entry point into deeper states of awareness
  • Fears can vanish
  • Creative energy flows and there is a sense of peace

THETA waves rage between 4-7 HZ

  • A state of even deeper relaxation, almost to the point of sleep
  • Receptive to information beyond normal awareness
  • Deeper states of meditation can be achieved
  • There is a sense of floating
  • You may feel your mind expand beyond the boundaries of your body

DELTA waves range between 0-4 HZ

  • These waves are long, slow, undulating.
  • The slowest of all brain wave frequencies
  • Associated with deep sleep
  • It is the brain wave signal of the subconscious
  • There is detached awareness
  • Delta range triggers the release of Human Growth Hormone

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