Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh's Group Music Session &
Swami Medhasananda directed Meditation

It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the music therapy and meditation in deep, we have organized Dr. Chandrakant's music session, along with meditation session directed by Swami Medhasananda, the President of Nippon Vedanta Kyokai. Join us with your family and friends.

:: Date and time ::
Monday, 3rd May , 2004, 9:50 - 12:30

:: Place::
Bukkyo Dendo Center Building, 7F Japanese Room"EN",
Minato Ku SHIBA 4-3-14
(8 min walk from JR Tamachi station. 2 min walk from Mita station on Toei Mita line and Toei Asakausa line A9 exit. Opposite the Mita Worker's welfare center, one crossing towards Hamamatsucho, Ginza on Hibiya Street)

:: Capacity ::

:: Amount: ::
8,500 yen per person. (Below 18 years or disabled people 5,000 yen)
Postal Transfer (Paruru) 10240 - 87153691Takeda Kazuko
Please fax the receipt of wire transfer with your application.


9.20 AM   Reception starts Please come 10-15 min before session
9.50 AM   Music Session starts (Sitar performance 30-40 min)
10.40 AM   Meditation starts
11.00 AM   Swamiji's lecture about meditation
11.30 AM   Q&A session


1. Take light breakfast 3 hours before session.
2. For ladies, please do not attend in your monthly periods.
3. If you feel cold, please bring a blanket with you.
4. Wear comfortable, loose clothes, but do not cover your neck.

Contact for further details: Takeda Kazuko (070-5582-9430 Fax: 045-901-5463 )

Swami Medhasananda , President, Vedanta Society of Japan
Website http://www.vedanta.jp/