Healing Music - Testimonial

Banker - Age 38 (Adelaide - South Australia) - July 2003

"Music therapy has been a life changing and priceless gift…..it has….
…given me hope and faith during a time of despair and sorrow
…made me more positive and willing to rise above trivial distractions
…given me more energy and drive
…made me less self focussed
…made me more open and willing to share myself with others
…given me a deeper sense and understanding of the traits and tendencies that have restricted
my recovery.

Late last year a series of intensive music therapy sessions gave me the physical and emotional strength to cope with the distress and demands of the hospitalisation and eventual death of my mother. After a further round of sessions some time later, it assisted my grieving process by enabling me to let go of some of the pain of her loss and move forward.

Dr. Chandrakant is a warm, generous and caring soul, always willing to share his extensive wisdom and experience. This has formed an invaluable part of my own learning journey, road to recovery and spiritual awareness. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough."



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