Healing Music


Group Music Session

with sitar maestro

Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh



music session • discussion • refreshments


Avoid food 2 hours before session
(meal 2 hours prior to session should be light)
wear loose, comfortable clothing



The immense potential of the power of Shabda (cosmic flow of sound) hidden in music was well recognised by the ancient Indian sages. Pleasant sound has a positive effect on each atom of the body, on all glands, on the circulation of the blood and on pulsation.

Dr Chandrakant's therapeutic music sessions have been shown to have beneficial effects on the mind-body system, alleviating tensions and providing an enchanting and creative diversion to the mind. The sessions are wonderfully restful and refreshing. They are suitable for people from all walks of life and any age group, whether healthy or ailing.


No one musical selection works for anyone in any situation. By observing responses during a music session, Dr. Chandrakant plays the most appropriate melodies for the person or group at that time. The best outcomes are achieved by staying focused on the music, surrendering to it and not resisting or analyzing responses.
Research conducted at the Japan Brain Institute in 2003 while Dr. Chandrakant played the sitar, concluded that his strong alpha brain waves were found to synchronize with those of the listeners, increasing their alpha brain wave activity. Alpha brain waves are associated with a completely relaxed mind and body and enhanced creativity.

These sessions are conducted in schools, health care centres, universities, yoga schools, institutions for the disabled and the private sector. For people seeking relaxation and relief from stress related problems, demand for this type of therapeutic activity together with Dr. Chandrakant's insightful guidance has increased considerably, particularly in Australia , Japan and America.



Dr. Chandrakant started performing at the age of four. At age eight he was declared a “sheer prodigy” by Pandit Ravi Shankar and chosen by the maestro to become his student. Later he studied with Annapurnadevi, daughter of the renowned Allauddin Khan. Dr. Chandrakant is a scholar and researcher with a Ph.D. in Sanskrit for his thesis titled Samavedic Basis of Indian Music .

He is an executive trustee of the Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust, Pune , India founded in 1954 by his father Shri. P. K. Sardeshmukh Maharaj. Dr. Chandrakant is director of the trust's Sama Sangeet Sabha and Research Centre (music department). Presently residing in Japan , he travels extensively giving concerts, teaching and conducting therapeutic music programs.


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