Dr. Chandrakant's Sitar Healing Music Session in Kamayani,Pune


Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh gave a healing music session in Kamayani Pune on 28th November 2008. About 25 students of Kamayani participated and were very happy.


Kamayani was set up in 1964. The word ?KAMAYANI? derived from Sanskr it, means faith, a great belief. A belief that comes from within and touches our souls. It gives us courage to face the world, confidence to achieve and helps in acceptance of the truth. Kamayani was started by Mrs. Sindhutai Joshi and it is here that children's are taught to have faith in self and in their abilities. Despite personal hardships and tribulations the founder Mrs. Joshi's overwhelming love for children of a lesser God-the -mentally challenged- children, led her to make a humble beginning.

Her dedication for well over three decades has transformed the modest one room school into an institution recognized all over the country for the human services rendered to a much neglected segment of our society. The performance started with offering garlands to photos of Mrs. Sindhutai Joshi and Shri Sardeshmukh Maharaj.

Children were lying down to listen to the music. They were very calm and quiet throughout the session. Panditji observed the children after the session is finished. Children were given an opportunity to express themselves. They were very happy to speak through the microphone and expressed well.Teacher was surprised that otherwise restless children were patient and showed no signs of restlessness.Neither did any child leave the place from start to finish (about 2.5 hours duration) which is another exception to the routine of the children.

Kamayani staff was very happy to get this opportunity to experience this session themselves and for their students. Panditji will be giving these sessions regularly during his India visit henceforth. The session ended by Mrs. Lekhatai Kulkarni offering a bouquet to Panditj and his wife Dr. Pooja Sardeshmukh.