Music for the young generation

Music Therapy with Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh


Name of Course: MUSIC THERAPY – Dr Chandrakant Sardeshmukh

Date: 10 th March 2005

Venue: Mercedes College, 540 Fullarton Rd Springfield. SA 5034

Names of schools participating

  • Blackfriars Priory School
  • Cabra Dominican College
  • Mercedes College
  • Mount Carmel College
  • Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
  • Siena College
  • St Michael's College
  • St Aloysius College
  • Thomas More College

What was the course about?

  • Music can effect how you think and feel.
  • Indian music (sitar) can relax your body and mind.
  • Music can be used for health and healing.
  • We experienced different feelings and then had a discussion.
  • People can come together and make other people happy.
  • Music vibrating throughout your whole body. It relieved my stress and certainly helped me through my healing process of my back injury.
  • Releasing tension.
  • Mind and body alignment
  • Releasing what's going on in your body.
  • Tuning into your self. It made me feel great.
  • Feeling the energy so it can relieve stress and make you feel light as a feather.
  • Music vibrates through our body and blood and helps us to relax and feel happy and better about ourselves.
  • The importance of a balanced life.
  • It was about someone else's culture.
  • Music is a science.

What did you learn from attending?

  • By doing this my body became more peaceful.
  • Music makes you feel different things. The sitar makes you feel refreshed, light and different to anything else – a great experience.
  • The different ways that music can soothe the body and help release stress. How it can help by making different parts of the body vibrate and release blocks.
  • An opportunity to experience and reconnect and allow my body just “to be”. A chance to listen and respond.
  • Music is very soothing. It is a good way to relax after sport or after school.
  • Finding more time for myself and relax and reflect more rather than trying to work around a busy life and forgetting to chill out by yourself.
  • Relieved stress and tension from my body. (2)
  • Food and sleep are important.
  • That I had quite a lot of tension in my knees and legs.
  • Music is a science and sitars are made from pumpkin wood. Music can alter your mental state and relax the body.
  • That my life is very stressful and that I need to set time aside for myself to relax.
  • Music is very strong and is very easy to relax your body.
  • Music can be used for therapy and relaxing.
  • That you have to eat right and look after yourself properly. That music vibrates through your body helping you to relax.
  • That different types of music relax different body parts and that it does it to everyone differently.
  • The world is stressful and we need to stop and think about ourselves.
  • Music vibrates through our body and makes us happy and energetic.
  • Vibrations are good for the body and give you energy.
  • I think too much to be relaxed by music.
  • Particular types of music can make you feel certain ways, vibrations and feelings.
  • There are things you can do to release your body of tension to lead to a happier life.
  • I learnt to really tune into myself. It made me think about myself.
  • How music helps people to relax and keep a calm state. How different types of music do different things. How my body uses music.
  • Music can bring great benefits through its vibrations. You have to believe to be able to benefit from it.
  • This makes people feel good and I feel good too.
  • I found that after listening to the music I felt very relaxed and light. I learnt that by listening to music I can relieve stress and open my mind. I was a very enlightening and interesting session.
  • That I need to eat better and that music affects how I think.