Healing Music - Testimonial

Report from individual music session 2002

Dated July 10th July 2002

Dear Dr. Chandrakant,

I get up at 4:00 naturally every morning. And the new day starts in a good feeling. (Sometimes I get up at 3:00 . It is too early for me.)

Today sitting close to the window, I felt the sound view of the dawn in a rainy day. The rainy sound brought quietness to my mind. I felt as if I was surrounded by something huge, something like unity of the heaven and the earth, which brought peace of mind to me.

Then the rainy sound and the sound of my life were overlapped. That was the sound of blood flow. I realized that I lived, and the joyfulness overflowed from myself.

After I took MT, my mind is getting opened and becoming mild. I really appreciated your work for me.

Thank you very much indeed.



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