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Stress Removal

Music Therapy: Healing experience of a Japanese person

Published in the Ayurveda newsletter of Pulse Reading Study Circle, October, 2000 vol.5

(27years old, pharmacist)

I started to take music therapy by Dr. Chandrakant in last June because I heard it is useful to take away stresses. I have taken it for 7-8 times since then. I just lie down closing my eyes while Dr. plays the sitar for about half an hour.

He plays it according to my condition, which makes the music different each time. To my surprise, when I am depressed, although not tired physically, I feel sleepy in spite of the loud sound of sitar next to my ears.

Dr. says it is because he changes the music according to my body''s response (facial expressions etc.) and breathing.

When I listen to sitar, strangely my hands start to move or feet tremble without any reason.

The most distinctive change is that my mouth opens naturally and I start to breathe deeply.

It is just like when you are meditating. You feel deep relaxation.

I feel my body lightened and warm after the therapy.

Though the effect is not dramatic, I can tell stiffness of shoulders or swollen feet, due to the work standing all day, is mostly gone.

It is amazing that after music therapy session, blood circulation and lymph get smooth even when I do not get physical massage.

Why music? How does it work? I do not know.

But I like to try more because it makes me feel so good.



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