Healing Music - Testimonial

Relief from Painful traumas

(An experience of Music therapy with Dr. Chandrakant)

-Accountant Japanese lady, Tokyo, (40ish)


I first heard Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh's CD ‘Pure Joy' as I was lying on the bed. There are no words which can describe what I felt when I first heard his CD, however, it felt as though an electric current was passing through my body, beginning from my palms and feet and just continuing on and on, as though without a particular part as its destination. I felt as though I had gone numb, but in reality, this was not so. I was normal, physically. Time after time, as I went on hearing the CD, I started being able to breathe deeply and could practice ‘ Pranayama' a part of the ancient Indian art of Yoga. I could actually feel the air coming out and being sucked in as my diaphragm started getting compressed and began expanding the way I never had experienced it before. This made me feel very comfortable and so I kept hearing it many times.

One day suddenly, this happiness disappeared because of the same CD. On hearing the CD, I experienced pain in my lower abdomen. This complicated my situation and made it very stressful for me. I felt very sad and stressed for three days. Usually, as I heard the CD, I remembered the trauma that I had had to undergo twenty years ago. I had not known the reason of the imbalance in my body since that first trauma that I underwent twenty years ago. It was the first time that I understood the reason of this imbalance. That was the time when I experienced the pain in my lower abdomen, which erupted every time I heard the CD and then stopped as abruptly as it had started on stopping the music. I could not control my feelings. I felt as though I had been transported to the same situation of twenty years ago, the trauma that had rocked my life from its very foundations when I was 24 years old.

Music Therapy Experience

I started undergoing music therapy from Dr. Chandrakant personally, instead of just hearing the CD. As soon as he started playing the Sitar, I could feel a kind of twitching in my lower abdomen that continued towards my heart, throat and shoulder in succession. My head and body started moving right to left unintentionally. I started gulping and could practice Pranayama very well, even better than while I was hearing the CD. I could stretch myself and felt the stress evaporating from my limbs. My sad, dark feelings disappeared by practicing Pranayama only once. My hands started moving like a ballerina, in tune with the rhythm of Chandrakant's music. I was so comfortable that I wanted to laugh. After the session, Chandrakant explained that I moved my hands a lot, as music was removing blockages throughout the nerves, veins and arteries in the top half of my body. He said that the nerve centers in my trunk had blockages and that's why I had not moved my legs. I was so happy at that moment that I did not feel like talking to anybody. I felt happy on going home. My feet were warm in spite of removing my socks and I slept very well that night. The next day I had a headache because my entire body had suddenly become warm. But on the other hand I felt unbelievably light in the top half of my body as if I had no body at all.

At the second session, my body arched and my legs moved too. Things that I had been thinking of all the while, suddenly disappeared and I felt absolutely no stress. While going home, as I climbed up the staircase at the station, my legs felt very light. At home, I saw myself as a child in the mirror. After a few days, I felt nauseous and felt as though I was throwing up all the stress that I had been carrying for so long.

At the third session, I felt as though I had a sore throat because of the nausea that I had experienced some days back. Again, I felt a kind of movement, not pain, in my abdomen. I could also feel something move from my abdomen to the throat and I had to cough it out three or four times. My head turned right, I bent my knees and then my head turned left. My right leg shot up in the air, followed by my left leg and I kept moving my body in opposite directions. I lay facing the floor and arched my body the other way round raising my legs high up in the air. This movement was very quick, though it was against my will; the movement was automatic and uncontrollable. Later I joined my hands as though in a prayer. I turned on my back again. My legs shot up again as though I was doing yoga. Indeed, I moved a lot. Dr. Chandrakant explained to me that my lower abdomen was becoming free of all blockages when I first felt the twitching in it, but as a matter of fact, when I touched my lower abdomen, I could feel that it was very cool and that it had swollen up. Due to this, it pained when I bent down. But, the pain disappeared after the first therapy, however, my abdomen still felt cold. Chandrakant said that this was because I had had stress in my abdomen for a very long time. Thus music therapy removed that blockage and soon blood circulation started taking place normally. Following this, it started becoming warm over there too. I felt that I had relaxed considerably after the second music therapy, considering that I had had a constant pressure on my chest before undergoing it. I felt that I had become really strong mentally.

In the fourth session, before undergoing the music therapy, I had pain in my lower abdomen as it had swollen up. I also had pain only in my left leg and so I bent my left knee and turned the leg outside in order to remove the pain. I also practiced certain yoga asanas. After this session, I felt that all my worries and fears had simply evaporated into thin air, and I felt free because blockages in both, my mental as well as physical systems had been removed.

In the fifth session, Chandrakant played the music that had earlier reminded me of the trauma and made me sad, however, this time, I enjoyed it immensely. I just could not believe the fact that the same music could make me want to laugh out instead of mourning over my past. My practice of yoga asanas also improved as my body became more and more flexible. I was laughing for the entire duration of this music therapy session and enjoyed myself a lot. The innocence that my face reflected in the mirror surprised even me. The happiness that I experienced was similar to that when I had undergone the Ayurvedic Panchakarma Vaman treatment. The blockages in my brain seemed to have gotten erased automatically.

In the sixth session, my heart had a twitching feeling and my head felt very light.

In the seventh session too, I practiced Yoga asanas. It felt as though the music therapy had given me some kind of massage, because the body ache that I had had for a long time had miraculously disappeared. There was no tension in my jaw and I felt my cheeks become soft. My entire face was becoming softer and gentler and did not reveal any tension now. My mental health had improved by far, my body had become stronger and my appetite had improved a great deal since I started the therapy. I observed as I did my ablutions in the morning, that my constipation had stopped. I also improved my agility.

In the eighth session also, I practiced yoga asanas, pulled my hair simultaneously and massaged my head. Now, my mental condition before and after undergoing music therapy showed more and more stability. I continued feeling very healthy both, mentally and physically because things that had been haunting me for ages miraculously stopped haunting me. I became increasingly impulsive and passionate about my work.

In the latest session, the ninth one, Chandrakant told me that I had not moved at all during the session. He said that moving my legs and thus pressing my lower abdomen was not good for my health. In this session, I massaged my head and ears. Since five years or so, I cannot hear low tones very properly. Chandrakant told me that as there is a connection of ears with abdomen and it is in the abdomen that I have the gamut of my problems, hence I have constant tension in my abdominal area and also, I cannot hear very well. Because my abdominal problems are being solved due to Music therapy, I think my hearing is improved now.

Impression of music therapy

On undergoing music therapy and Chandrakant's counseling thereafter, I came to understand how stress and traumas had been damaging my body all throughout these long years. Now after the music therapy sessions, I experience none of the mental stress and sad feelings due to traumas that I had been experiencing earlier. I feel very happy, strong and have a positive attitude now. I recommend music therapy for one and all, with or without stress, to gain happiness and improve your psychological conditions. Because of the relaxation felt, Chandrakant's Music Therapy is also recommendable to the disabled children and their parents, as it helps soothe your nerves. I wish peace and happiness for all.



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