Tribute to Mrs. Sarita Sadanand Sardeshmukh, Trustee Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust



Many years ago when Sarita Vahini came into Sardeshmukh family, Dr. Chandrakant was in his 20's. He was still doing his Masters in Sanskrit. He used to tell, that as he wanted to do a performing career rather than higher education, he refused his father's request to do a Ph.D. At that time, Sarita Vahini went to the University with his sister, Dr. Sudha and filled in the application form for him. So he always said that had she not done that, he would have never studied for his Ph.D.

Dr. Chandrakant was very much fond of her. Both of them shared a special relation of a brother and sister, rather than a brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Had he been here now, he would be saddened so much, I can't imagine how he could have bared it.

Sarita Vahini was the eldest daughter-in-law of Sardeshmukh Maharaj, who founded Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust (BSDT) at Wagholi, Pune. Later when he took Samadhi in 1996, she became trustee. In the last 15 years of her tenure as a trustee, she contributed to the tremendous growth of BSDT activities on the land, as well as internationally.

As an eldest daughter-in-law she strictly followed all of the family rituals year after year, without hesitation or negligence. I very well remember her performing rituals at our marriage in place of my (missing) mother-in-law. She was very happy for both of us to be married together. She was also devoted to our family's spiritual tradition of Mali Maharaj and Sardeshmukh Maharaj.

She believed in the traditional teaching methods and so in addition to formal education, her sons also learnt at home from their father and grand-father since childhood, thus taking the traditional Ayurvedic knowledge to the next generation. As Dr. Sadanand had always been a very busy travelling Doctor-father, both nationally and internationally, she performed the roles of both father and mother to her children during those times, throughout their formal education.


Although she was offered to travel abroad with Dr. Sadanand from her family members and foreigner friends, she never accepted and said she is more needed in Pune, in her house, which was actually the BSDT office. She sacrificed her time and energy for the family and work of BSDT.

She was a single point of contact for Dr. Sadanand and the trust. She was always available on the phone, and catered to all, ranging from the common patients' simple query to the communication from the New Delhi President's office for the President visit. She was also a friend and trusted source of information for the BSDT and Dr. Sadanand for all of the domestic people and those from abroad who believed in Sardeshmukh Maharaj and wished for the growth of the Trust. She coordinated with all of them for all international activiities of Dr. Sadanand.

She was a mother of two sons, but that not being enough, she also took motherly care of all the staff of the hospital and College at Wagholi, as well as those at the clinics and others working on other projects for BSDT.

Her staunch administration skills were apparent as she kept a keen eye on all aspects of the BSDT, ranging from cleanliness and quality in the canteen to the services provided in the hospital. She particularly attended all BSDT meetings and contributed in several ways to the growth of BSDT. Her guidance was invaluable to all. As several events and activities took place at Wagholi during her tenure, she coordinated well with all persons and made each event and activity successful. She was one and all for all the staff members of the BSDT, whose number grew tremendously during the last 15 years.


In spite of all her contributions, she always took a back step when anything related to publicity or owning credit came forth. She always appreciated other contributors for their tasks, before her own achievements, in private or public. I was very happy to see he rfelicitating the President of India recently at the BSDT in Wagholi on this rare and important occasion. I heard initially she had to be persuaded by many to accept this role, due to her humble nature, and I am so glad she finally accepted as she deserved this more than anyone.

The loss of Sarita Vahini has created a big vaccum in the lives of all of us Sardeshmukh family members. For Dr. Sadanand it is much more, the missing of a soul-mate. For the children and daughter-in-law, this gap will never be filled. In addition, as she had a huge extended familyrelated to Sardeshmukh Maharaj, Dr. Sadanand, Dr. Chandrakant and BSDT all over the world, she will be dearly missed by all of them.

I will personally feel the sorrow very deeply as I will feel it twice as much, for both myself and Dr. Chandrakant. May God grant us unitedly, the strength and courage to work towards fulfilling her dreams. May her soul rest in peace.

Pooja Sardeshmukh and Darshanam Team, Tokyo and Adelaide

(Note: Vahini = sister-in-law in Marathi language)