Music for the young generation


Children are open to influences and sensitive to vibrations. Dr. Sardeshmukh's music sessions, based on the ancient Indian science known as Samaveda, enhance a child's natural creativity and allow greater levels of concentration and calmness.

Dr. Sardeshmukh's sitar playing and his own strong alpha waves, synchronized with the other person increasing their alpha brain wave activity.
When the gentle Alpha brain waves increase, a state of creativity, deep relaxation and peace is experienced. Fears can vanish. It is the entry point into deeper states of awareness.

Research globally has shown that with regular music sessions some of the long-lasting effects have been improved performance at school with increased learning skills and better physical and mental coordination together with a happier outlook.

Music therapy has a long history, being mentioned in the Vedas. There is an age-old belief that Marga-Sangeet (Gandharva Gana) originated from Samaveda and has the power of striking a balance between mind and body and curing ailments.

Cluster Extension Programs at Mercedes College, Adelaide - 10 March 2005

Feedback from children at Mercedes College – October 2001

Introduction from Principal, St. Patrick's Special School, Adelaide – May 2000

Commentary on Kilparrin and Townsend Schools MT

Children's drawings with text after MT session.

Commentary on Music Therapy Sessions at Mercedes College